Fortress STARÉ MITROVICE [ Hrad nebo zřícenina hradu ]

Not far from Prčice, in the cadastre of the village of Přestavlky there is an interesting Baroque sight - Nové Mitrovice chateau. It was built in 1836 as a new seat for the owners of the Mitrovice Estate at the time when neither the old fortress nor the manor at the landed estate were large enough. To distinguish between the new chateau and the fortress with landed estate situated approximately 1km to the east, this was called Old Mitrovice. The location of the former fortress is still visible as en elevated place, originally surrounded by a moat with a bank - the fortress with a square ground plan was located in the centre. Two families have their names derived from the Mitrovice fortress, founded in about 14th century: Vratislavové of Mitrovice and Mitrovští of Nemyšl. Prior to 1554 the fortress belonged to Bohuslav of Nemyšl, whose descendants called themselves Mitrovští of Nemyšl. A description from 1539 states that next to the fortress there was a tower with a prison, an alarm bell and a clock, a dwelling with a yard, rooms and bedrooms, pantries and cellars. From the second half of the 16th century the whole property belonged to the Velemyský Family from Velemyšloves. The most important member of the family was Maxmilián who acted as District Commissioner for the District of Vltava. His first wife was Kateřina, daughter of the famous Jakub Krčín of Jelčany. Later the fortress became home to the Černín family of Chudenice. As early as from 1670, part of the fortress was deserted, possibly because a new dwelling was built next to the estate and later also a new chateau. Mitrovice had a claim to fame thanks to the first attempt to establish a sugar beet refinery here. In 1812 a businessman from Hamburg, Karel Knoop hired the old fortress and a section of fields for his company. His business, however, did not last long, possibly because the production was not profitable.


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